Pedestrians groups

  • Liverpool Pedestrians Association

  • Oxford Pedestrians Association

  • Pedestrian Liberation
Based in Ipswich

  • Green Cardiff - Pedestrians First

  • Road Witch
whacky and inspiring


  • Wirral Footpaths and Open Spaces Preservation Society

  • Wirral Ramblers
The Local Group of the Ramblers Association

  • Merseyside Cycling Campaign

  • Chester Cycling Campaign

Road safety

  • Road Peace

  • Brake

  • The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

  • Safe routes to schools

  • Department for Transport
Department for Transport child road safety strategy 2007


  • 20s Plenty for Us
  • national 20mph campaigns

  • Living Streets
Campaigns for better walking routes for pedestrians, and more pleasant streets and public spaces.

  • Sustrans
Campaigns for sustainable transport: walking and cycling routes

  • Campaign for Better Transport
Champions sustainable transport

  • Department for Transport
Department for Transport policy and guidance on how councils can deter pavement parking


  • PEZH (mostly in Greek)
A group protecting pedestrian rights in Athens.

  • Streetpanthers
Greek activists who apply stickers to windscreens - "a weapon of resistance and protest for the pedestrian"

  • Pedestrian activism across Europe

  • Feet First
Based in Seattle, USA.