'A' Boards and Shop Displays

The Highways Act 1980 (as amended) gives Local Authorities powers to regulate items displayed on the highway.

The following guidelines are taken from Wirral Council's documents.

Businesses must comply with the Council's guidelines in placing an 'A' board or shop front display or any other display item on the highway. This is to ensure that items are not placed in locations or in such a manner that adversely affects free passage or creates a hazard or danger to pedestrians and other highway users.

The width of footway remaining after the items or display have been erected must comply with the guidelines. The following minimum widths will normally apply.
  • Remaining footway width 2.0m (2.5m in a busy or heavily trafficked locations). These dimensions will be increased by 1.0 m adjacent to pedestrian crossing points.
  • Minimum clear route for emergency vehicle within pedestrianised area 3.5m

Relevant Wirral Council Documents

1. Wirral Council's Guidance Note including Rules and Conditions for A Boards, Shop Displays and any other items displayed on the Highway (Version 2.1 Feb 2011). Download from here. Since November 2014, there is no longer a requirement for 'A' boards and shop displays to be licensed, but the rules and conditions are unchanged.

2. 'A' boards, shop displays and pavement cafes page on Wirral Council's website